Sunday, January 24, 2010

About that Vikings game

So I guess this post needs to be amended to allow room for a new contender. Having not seen the Vikings game, only read the recap an hour or two after it finished, I'm not sure if this one has a label yet. The Pick? The Big Queasy? The 12th Man? So, with the pain still fresh, where's this one rank? Probably near the top, I'm guessing, as looking at the stats it looked like the Vikings controlled the game, except for the killer turnovers. Although maybe it's for the best that the Vikings didn't get a chance to kick a winning field goal on that last drive. The ghost of Gary Anderson would have probably pushed Longwell's kick wide left. Yuck.

Oh, and in the other game I didn't see, Kobe missed a jumper at the buzzer as the Lakers lost.

EDIT: At least one Vikings fan says this isn't the worst.

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